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Warranty, Maintenance,Disclaimer

TESEC offers Tester Calibration Service



One (1) year or 3,000 hours of actual operation, whichever comes earlier, from the date of installation at the designated factory.

2. Conditions

All the products manufactured by TESEC and installed at the designated factory.
The products of installation overseas, or relocated from Japan to other country shall be warranted by the local assurance provisions.
For details, contact to TESEC oversea operation.

3. Out-of-warranty Items

This warranty shall not apply to the product which becomes defective owing to the below:

(a)the product has been subjected to adverse environmental conditions to those described in the approval specification and the operation manual;

(b)the product has been subjected to adverse operational conditions to those described in the approval specification and the operation manual;

(c)the product has been subjected to rough handling, negligence, and/or delinquency on the part of the user's personnel;

(d)the product has been transported to other location from the original installation location (except when the user has informed the details of relocation to TESEC in advance and when the user has strictly followed TESEC’s operation for the relocation);

(e)the product has been altered by other personnel than TESEC’s authorized service or technical personnel.



TESEC will support maintenance including the parts supply, repair, over-haul and others until five years end after an announcement of “End of Manufacture” for our products.

2.Out-of-maintenance Items

TESEC shall be exempted from performing the maintenance even if in the maintenance period, when:

(1)the product or parts have become defective if they were altered by other personnel than TESEC's authorized service or technical personnel.
(2) the product has become not easy to repair by the use of other parts than TESEC's standard parts without prior authorization for the use by TESEC.
(3) the product has been judged by TESEC not to be repairable by a natural disaster.
(4) the parts TESEC has purchased for the product or the substitutes for the parts become unobtainable in the marketplace.

Notice: Although we make efforts at procuring maintenance parts or components as required up to five years after the “End of Manufacture”, there might be an adverse possibility beyond our management; that is, unavailable parts or components mainly caused depending on their manufacturer’s business situation, such as a loss of economies of mass-production.
We generally employ the mass-produced parts or components because of a low price and high quality; on the other hand, occasionally encounter the adverse effect stated above.
Usually, a PC and PC-related peripheral equipment, which are employed as built-in components for our product, will undergo maintenance prepared by their manufacturer’s provisions.
There are many component makers offering that their maintenance responsibility for a product should be limited to five years after their announcement of the product discontinuation. Therefore, it may be estimated that the maintenance term of PC-like components used in the TESEC’s long-running products has already finished at the time of our product announcement (“End of Manufacture”).

In such cases, Tesec shall (will) be exempted from conducting maintenance works for our product related with the parts or components not available in the marketplace.


TESEC shall not be liable, regardless whether it is within or out of warranty period, for any opportunity loss, profit loss, damages occurred under special circumstances with or without our foreknowledge, secondary damage, compensation for accident, damages for other products than TESEC and for other duties resulted from the defect of products which cannot be attributable to TESEC.


・The customers are recommended to inform the details of resale to TESEC in advance when they have decided to sale the TESEC-made product to another corporation. In case of no previous notification, the product may be placed out of maintenance.

・When to place the TESEC-made product on resale, the customer should specify the provisions on warranty, maintenance and resale, as TESEC provided, in the sales contract supplements. After two parties’agreement on the provisions, TESEC can continue the maintenance service for the product.

・As to the software for the PC and peripheral equipment built into the TESEC product, we can support the new customer to cope with possible problems and renewals based on the licensing agreement of the software