Test Systems



This test system is designed to measure the static characteristics of discrete semiconductor devices.

1.2 kV / 65 A (130 A for C-E) measurement is available as a standard and that can be expanded to 2.2 kV / 65 A (200 A for C-E). With an optional unit, at a maximum of 5 kV / 2000 A measurement is available.

With its high versatility, the tester can be used in various applications such as the wafer test when a prober is connected and the final test when a handler is connected.


・VI Source Measure Modules Structure
・1.2 kV / 130 A (up to 2.2 kV / 200 A ) measurement capability
・High Speed Measurement
・Multi-device test (Simultaneous measurement of 2-in-1 device such as Dual Gate FET2)
・Wafer parallel test (2-chip simultaneous measurement)
・On-Screen Waveform Monitor
・Conventional High Current Unit and High Voltage Unit of TESEC are applicable.

 Item   Specifications

Target Devices

Tr, FET, IGBT, Diode, Sic/GaN, etc.


NPN / PNP, N / P Channel


1.2 kV / 2.2 kV


65 A
C-E: 130 A / 200 A
(1,200 A with optional unit)

Test Mode / Analog Unit

2  Parallel & 2 Serial  (Max)

Number of Analog Unit

2 (Max)

Test Item


Sort Item


Resolution  (Bias)

4 digits

Resolution  (Measure)

5 digits