4330-IH is a gravity tri-temp handler having a large capacity chamber to perform the environment measurement of power devices such as TO220, D-PAK, D2-PAK, and DIP. High UPH (14,400 pcs.) is accomplished while keeping 120 seconds of Soak time for TO220 and D2PAK by implementing at a maximum of 8 test sites (when socket contactor is used). Temperature control accuracy of ±2℃ is guaranteed in the range of −60℃ to 0℃ for Cold Temp as well as 50℃ to 175℃ for Hot Temp.


・High throughput (14,400 UPH)
・−60℃ to 175℃ temperature range
・High current testing using TESEC's original contactors
・Tube packages are protected from heat deformation and dew condensation by cooling mechanism and heating mechanism respectively.
・Tube Opener mechanism is equipped to stabilize the tube storing
・Large amount of Soak is enabled by the rotating multi-tracks equipped at each lane
・SECS/GEM compliant

Model 4330-IH

Target Packages

TO220, D-PAK, D2-PAK, DIP, SOP300mil, TSSOP

Carrier Type

AL & PL Tubes

Maximum Throughput

14,400 UPH / 8 sites  (Soak Time 120 s included)

Index Time

Parallel (8 = 2×4) : 1.4 s (“End of Test” to “Test Start”)

Test Site

8 ( 2×4 : V36mm or 60mm, H60mm )

Contact Method

Socket, Leaf Spring


 −60℃  to  0℃ , 50℃  to  175℃ (±2℃)


Stocker 330 mm × 2


Automatic×2 (1 category), Manual×6

Tester Interface

TTL  Parallel, GP-IB