Test Systems



4408-KT is designed to measure the transient thermal resistance characteristics of GaN HEMT as the VGS's temperature change (ΔVGS).
The measured value VGS1 and ΔVGS value are displayed on the front panel display.


・Measurement results are displayed on the front panel display
・Raised temperature ΔT can be displayed as a calculation result
・Thermal resistance Rth can be displayed as a calculation result
・Multi-test function
・60 test programs can be stored
・Contact Check/Open, Short Check
・Oscillation Detection
・Operation can be controlled from TESEC DC Tester
・Gate Limit Voltage can be set and Device Protection Circuit from over heating is equipped
・GP-IB/RS-232C interface enables external equipment to control this tester
・Function Check Unit (4321-AB) can be connected (option)

■ Optional Software Examples
・Software to control the tester from PC
(Test program creation, data collection, and counter collection)
・Software to collect measurement data using the Function Check Unit

Item Specifications

Drain Current (ID)

00.01–20.00 A

Measurement Current (IM)

000.1–999.9 mA

Gate Voltage (VGS)

00.1–10.0 V

Gate Limit Voltage(GATE-L)

01.0–10.0 V

Power Applying Time (PT)

100 µs–30.0 s

Delay Time (DT)

010–999 µs

Upper/Lower Limit

000.0–999.9 mV


01.0–70.0 V

Measurement Range

VGS1 0000.0–2000.0 mV
ΔVGS 0000.0–999.9 mV  (Resolution 0.1 mV)