Test Systems



4602-LV is designed to evaluate the Avalanche resistance based on how the waveform pass the Safe Operating Area (SOA) specified with the V-Gate, IH, and IL by monitoring the turn-off waveform of inductive load. VDS(SUS) at the current value specified by the IH can also be measured.
With the conventional measurement method, applied current is limited by applied voltage, moreover, the MOSFET has a characteristic that as the ON Resistance lowers the current required to measure increases; thus, the method became difficult to measure the MOSFET of medium breakdown voltage (several tens of voltage).
To accomplish the task, new measurement methods* are added to perform the high current measurement, and the voltage and current this tester can apply are respectively increased to 300 V and 200 A so that it is now capable of measuring wider range of devices.
*The VD-OFF mode is added to separate the VD power at Avalanche and the Time-Trip mode is added to turn the devices off after the applying current for specified time.


・N/P channel measurement with one test head
・Peak Current (IDP) measurement at Avalanche test
・Gate ON Time measurement
・Repeat test up to 250 times
・Multi-test function (with fixed VD)
・60 test programs can be stored
・Programmable coil automates the coil switching (Option)
・VD-OFF mode (Optimized for Low ON Resistance MOSFET)
・Self-Check Function
・Time-Trip mode

■Optional Software Examples
・Software to control the tester from PC
(Test program creation, data collection, and counter collection)

 Item   Specifications

Drain Current (Id)

0.5–200.0 A

Peak Drain Current (Idp)

0.5–250.0 A

Drain Voltage (Vd)

VD-ON MODE: 10.0–300.0 V
VD-OFF MODE: 10.0–200.0 V

Gate Voltage (Vg)

Reverse Gate Voltage (Vgr)

00.0–30.0 V
00.0–30.0 V

Clamping Voltage


Voltage Limit (V-GATE)

0000–2000 V
000.0–200.0 V

IH Limit

000.5–200.0 A

IL Limit

000.1–200.0 A

Gate ON Time (TG)

000.0 µs–9.999 ms

Post Short Detection Time (DT)

001 µs–9.99 ms
※VD-ON MODE: 10.0–300.0 V (Conventional 3702-LV’s Measurement Method)
※VD-OFF MODE: 10.0–200.0 V (New Measurement Method)