4605-HTR is designed to test the leadless devices diced on the UV film of the wafer ring such as QFN, BGA, and WLCSP.
This high speed die sorter picks up non-defective devices from the film based on the MAP file measured in the front-end process, performs the 6 dimensional visual inspection, and then store them to embossed carrier tapes.
As a high-speed sorting machine compatible with the wafer ring size of up to 12 inches, it helps to achieve a significant improvement in the efficiency of inspection process.
Equipped visual inspection and handling systems satisfy the stringent standard of WLCSP and Wettable Flank-plated QFN.
Proven track records of this handler include the contributions to the automotive semiconductor and the installation to the class 10000 cleanrooms (ISO 7).


・High Throughput (30,000 UPH)
・Easy device management with recipes
・Substantial contribution to High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing. Slight change in package size does not require any conversion kit. Even when that is not the case, changing a conversion kit requires a minimum effort.
・Automatic calibration function supports the productivity and the maintainability by correcting the motion of every section based on the accurate position information of device transfer collets.

Model 4605-HTR

Target Packages

WLCSP, WLP, QFN, DFN, CSP, BGA, BCC, LLP, Bare die, KGD (Known Good Die), TD (Tested die)

Wafer Ring Size

5 / 6 / 8 / 12 inches

Package Size

0.5×0.5  to  8×8 mm

Maximum Throughput*

30,000 UPH

Cycle Time

0.12 s/unit


1 cassette (25 wafer rings)
DETAPE system is available


Tape Storage 1, Bin

Visual Inspection

6 Dimensional Inspection, Tape Inspection
* For specific information, please contact us.
* The theoretical value assuming no ring replacement time. Actual value varies depend on the arrangement of devices on a strip.