The ULTRA is a test handler designed for final test of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) such as Accelerometers and Gyroscopes. It provides the 6DOF (3-axis acceleration + 3-axis gyroscope) measurement under hot and cold environment at a maximum of 96 multi-site test.

The test station unit called ULTRA L is also ready to provide the manual measurement for research and development purpose.

For devices requiring shorter measurement time, 4664-IH offers the best experience with its high throughput.


・High UPH & Parallel Test Count (up to 96 DUT)
・High Thermal Control Accuracy (less than ±1℃)
・Aerospace Grade Motion System
・Signal Path Fidelity / Bandwidth (1 GHz / 50 Ω Coaxial)
・6 DOF Test Capability
・Magnetic Test Capability (Option)
・UPH: 10,000 or more
・Easy Device Conversion

Item Specifications


JEDEC Tray Tray to Tray

Target Packages

Types LGA, QFP, QFN, BGA, CSP, etc.
Sizes 2×2 mm to  8×8 mm


Parallel 2 to 96

Thermal Test

Temperature Range  −40℃ to +125℃ (Standard)
 −45℃ to +135℃ (Option)
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Soak Time Programmable, 999 s maximum
Heat-up Time 60 min
(To +135℃ from ambient temp.)
Cool-down Time 60 min
(To −45℃ from ambient temp.)

Test Mechanism

1st Axis (Motor Shaft)  −360° to +360°
2nd Axis (Outer Gimbal) 0° to  +90°
3rd Axis (Inner Gimbal) 0° to  +90°

Static Motion

Position Accuracy ±15 arcseconds (0.005°)
Position Precision (3σ) ±5 arcseconds (0.001°)
Angular Velocity 0.0005°/s to 1,000°/s
Angular Acceleration 0.256°/s² to 3,500°/s²
Stability of Angular Velocity ±0.01% of the set value

Sine Motion

Maximum Angular Acceleration 3,500°/s²
Angular Velocity Range 10°/s to 1,000°/s
Frequency Range 1 Hz to 20 Hz

DUT I/O Cable

Number of Lines
(50Ω Coaxial Cable)
800 channels
Bandwidth 1.0 GHz