Test Systems



IPD/IPM Test System 530-IT is designed with a new concept that incorporates the idea of IC tester into the DNA of power devices measurement technology TESEC has accumulated over many years.
It provides the optimized testing solutions for IPD/IPM, which is a combination of Logic ICs and Power Devices, and various other devices.


・Utilized the measurement technology of testers for power discrete device.
・Maximum 2.2kV/67A (max 200A) measurement capability. Expandable by adding external units.
・Supports two device parallel measurements.
・Easy language-less test program creation (fill-in-the-blank method)
・High-speed leakage current measurement
・Various bias application waveforms and timing

Item Specifications

Target Devices

IPD, IPM, Tr, FET, IGBT, etc.

Voltage (Max)

2.2 kV

Current (Max)

65 A  (with scalability 130 A / 200 A)

Parallel Test (Max)

2 parallel

Internal Test Stations

Up to 2 test stations can be built-in

External Tester Integration

Up to 4 external testers can be integrated by GP-IB/LAN

Test Number


Sort Number


Resolution (Bias)

4 digits

Resolution (Measure)

5 digits