The AH9710 is the auto handler for TCP and COF to test the electrical characteristics of ICs which are inner-bonded to the 35 mm, 48 mm, or 70 mm width tape carrier. 

The TAB tape is sent from the supply reel (upper) to the test site at any set pitch and positioned very accurately with respect to X and Y directions. Then the electrical characteristics are tested by the contactor which is connected to the tester. Based on the test results, the tested IC is sorted, and the TAB is wound up on the receive reel (lower). All the processes are automatically performed. 


・High Accuracy Positionings
±5 μm positioning accuracy in X and Y direction is enabled by the image processing.
・Simultaneous Test
8 devices of feeding direction can be tested simultaneously.
・Hot and Cold Temperature Test
Hot temp test in the range from room temp to +125℃, and Cold temp test in the range from room temp to −50℃.
(Temp control range is from +50℃ to +125℃ as well as from 0℃ to −50℃.)
・Needle Alignment Assistant Function (X/Y/θ/Z)
Automated probe and pad alignment enabled accurate needle alignment, regardless of the level of operator.
・Probe Cleaning Function
Tip of the probe can be cleaned in the middle of the LOT.

Model   AH9710T

Target Packages

Tape Widths

35mmSW, 48mmSW, 70mmSW
Options: 35mmW, 48mmW, 70mmW

Package Size

1 to 20PF (0.5PF Step)

Tape Material

Polyimide, Polyester

Tape Thickness

38 µm to 125 µm

Maximum Reel Size

⌀530 mm

Maximum Parallel Measurement

8 (1×1   to   1×8)

Cycle Time

0.65 s/unit (Average)

Tester Docking Method


Guaranteed Temp Range

−50℃ to 0℃, +50℃ to 125℃

Tester Interface

TTL (Option)